The Makeover

As part of your boudoir session you can choose to have your hair and makeup done professionally.  I have a number of professional stylists and makeup artists that I work with on a regular basis who can be available for your shoot.


Unfortunately on a 2 hour shoot it is not possible to do a full makeover so I would always recommend a 3 - 4 hour shoot where you can spend the first hour or so getting ready before we start shooting.


You can choose the keep the stylist/makeup artist available throughout your shoot for those little touch ups, or to even change your look completely between sets.


The makeover artists I use have all their own equipment and makeup so there is no need for you to bring any of your own stuff, unless you want to.


Remember that your stylists will have expert opinions on your beauty look, but you have the final word on your makeover. If you’ve done research ahead of time on the look you’re interested in, bring photos so that they can see what you’re envisioning.

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